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Ep. 3: Jason Calloway – Restauranteur, Chef, Co-Owner of Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub

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Jason “Bird” Calloway is the owner of Rooster & Moon Coffee Coffee Pub. In today’s episode, he and Jon talk about the origin of how Rooster & Moon became one of Denver’s 10 Coolest Coffeehouses, according to Zagat,  the daily challenges of running a bar/restaurant/coffeehouse, and how in Dallas, TX, at the age of 19, Bird crafted the perfect martini for a retail icon. Bird takes us across the country from Dallas to Orange County, CA to Chicago, and finally to Denver on his life’s journey that now sees him, along with his co-founder Bode, successfully slinging vibe in one of the coolest coffee joints in Denver.

Rooster & Moon’s new menu can be found here.

Minor technical note: I have no idea what’s up with the audio during the intro and outro. It still sounds clear, but it’s like I’m broadcasting from gang showers or something. I’m not. The interview itself is crystal clear.


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