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Ep. 21: William Nee – U.S. Ex-Pat and China Researcher for Amnesty International

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William Nee is China Researcher at Amnesty International and also someone who had a tremendous influence on me as a high schooler. When I was a freshman, Bill (as I know him) was kind enough to drive me home from swim practice during his senior year. I got a lot out of our conversations and I always looked up to Bill, which is one of the reasons I was so excited to talk to him again.

He has been an ex-pat for the last 13 years, and currently lives in Hong Kong. In this episode, we talk about China’s rising middle class, advocating for human rights, the Chinese housing bubble, Bill’s not-terribly-applicable degree in Spanish from University of Colorado including his time studying abroad in Chile, and the differences in US culture since he’s lived abroad.

You can find Bill on Twitter, Amnesty International on the web, and Bill’s former organization The China Labour Bulletin here.

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