Ep. 102: Justin Baccary – Founder and CEO, Station 26 Brewing

Justin Baccary is the founder and CEO of Station 26 Brewing. This is an episode I’ve been looking forward to because I get to highlight one of my absolute favorite Denver breweries, which just so happens to be situated neatly in my ‘hood. That’s right, let’s go to the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, and have some beers with one of the damn finest breweries in town.

And while we’re here, let’s talk some issues. In addition to the usual origin story and shop talk, we belly up to the bar of issues surrounding the business of craft beer in 2016. A sampling:

  • Why you should care (beyond the obvious reasons) about putting beer in grocery stores and the impact on small business.
  • Why you should care about AB-Inbev buyouts of some of your favorite craft beer brands (like Breckenridge here in Colorado).
  • What percentage of your time as a craft brewer is actually spent brewing beer, and what else you’re having to think about.
  • If brewers are style chasing as they get bigger (they are).
  • What hasn’t Station 26 brewed yet, that they want to?

There’s a ton going on here, and it’s always fun to get to dig into this passion that I love. To be clear, I have no brewing aspirations myself. I’m just a fan. And in addition to having some of the cleanest, best, most well-built beers in town, Station 26 also has the honor of one of the coolest brands anywhere. I mean, just look at this gorgeous logo:


I have a tin of this logo hanging in my basement, and it’s the prettiest one up there. So crack open an American Copper or a Single Hop IPA, kick back and enjoy this episode!

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