Ep. 23: Kristin Nolan – Denver Producer, 48 Hour Film Project

Kristin Nolan is the Denver Producer for the 48 Hour Film Project. What is the 48 Hour Film Project? Teams compete to write, shoot, edit, and score an entire film in 48 hours. The twist? Each team randomly draws a genre out of a hat, and each team has to use three common elements in their films in some form or fashion. The elements this year:

Character: Anthony or Anya Sakewski, writer
Prop: a map
Line of dialog: “I don’t know why I’m here. (or “I do not know why I’m here.”)

As a former participant of the 48 Hour Film Project, I was keen to talk with Kristin about what happens behind the scenes and how the event started, as well as how it comes together each year. Kristin provides tremendous insight into the project, and also touches on her many other projects across Denver including the Starz Denver Film Festival, Film on the Rocks, One Day in Denver (a part of the larger One Day on Earth project), and many more of fun things you like to do in this city.

So how did she come to be the ringmaster of all these cool projects? It started with her as a 7 year-old organizing her own birthday parties, continued as she moved to Denver with 20 of her lifelong friends, and blossomed into organizing things like the Denver Buskerfest before she eventually found herself at the center of the controlled chaos of what she does now. Join us for a wildly entertaining chat, and then be sure to head over to the 48 Hour Film Project screening Sunday, August 10th, at the Oriental Theater: 4335 W 44th Ave, Denver, CO 80212. Tickets can be purchased here.

Ep. 22: Marc Leverette – Auteur

Marc Leverette is an auteur. He is someone who does not do well with downtime, and he is someone dedicated to thinking about art and putting it into the world. He is this week’s guest on the podcast. In a way, I find Marc to be a kindred spirit because he finds the beauty, the uniqueness and the interest in every person he encounters. Without stating it, I believe this is what informs Marc’s professional photography, which you can find at Marc Leverette Photography and The Monkey Lab, (both of which can be best kept up with on Facebook) and, more importantly, Marc’s work in personal archiving.

Marc has spent a small portion of each day documenting his life. The result is a film he calls Capers in Dry Brine, the trailer for which can be found here, and the origin for which we discuss in the episode. In addition to this Sisyphean task, he’s taken on the even Sisypheaner (that’s a word, yes?) of taking 55 photos per day with a simple point-and-shoot camera. That project can be found here.

What can I say? I adore Marc and find him exceedingly interesting. This chat has it all. Art, theories of cinema, finding a weird friend who shares your sensibility, mental health, coping with depression, and awesome, esoteric art. Listen, won’t you?

Ep. 21: William Nee – U.S. Ex-Pat and China Researcher for Amnesty International

William Nee is China Researcher at Amnesty International and also someone who had a tremendous influence on me as a high schooler. When I was a freshman, Bill (as I know him) was kind enough to drive me home from swim practice during his senior year. I got a lot out of our conversations and I always looked up to Bill, which is one of the reasons I was so excited to talk to him again.

He has been an ex-pat for the last 13 years, and currently lives in Hong Kong. In this episode, we talk about China’s rising middle class, advocating for human rights, the Chinese housing bubble, Bill’s not-terribly-applicable degree in Spanish from University of Colorado including his time studying abroad in Chile, and the differences in US culture since he’s lived abroad.

You can find Bill on Twitter, Amnesty International on the web, and Bill’s former organization The China Labour Bulletin here.

Ep. 20: Thea Domber – Fashion Blogger, Founder of Effortless Anthropologie

Thea Domber, or “Roxy,” is the creator and shopping blogger behind Effortless Anthropologie, a blog dedicated to, but not officially affiliated with, Anthropologie. In this week’s stylish episode, Roxy talks about the origins of her blog, how she’s turned it into a revenue generator, and some of the potential pitfalls of being a professional blogger from dealing with trolls to getting carried away with buying new outfits and driving yourself into debt. Roxy and Jon also talk a bit about New York, tastemakers in the online world, and what it’s like being “Type A-minus” in a city full of Type A people.

You can find Effortless Anthropologie at its homepage as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Ep. 19: Mike St. Hilaire – Freelance Audio Engineer and Reality TV Veteran

Mike St. Hilaire, or “Ponch,” has worked for nearly 20 years as a sound engineer on many of your favorite reality shows. What shows? Oh, only Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Real World, Bug Juice, and even prison reality show Lockup. Ponch has visited more than 80 countries during his career, and he sat down with me in New York after he had returned from shooting the latest season of The Amazing Race. For an additional inside look at what The Amazing Race is like, check out this excellent interview from The AV Club.

We talk about how a summer job became an 18-year career, some of the challenges of capturing reality as it happens, some of his favorite spots across the globe, and his nascent stand-up career. We have an entertaining chat filled with lots of digressions about Real World seasons, comedy, the World Cup, and whatever else comes to mind.

Check out Mike all around New York at open mics, as well as Wednesday, July 9 at Bob DiBuono’s Character Flawed!

Ep. 18: Simon Lomax – Australian Ex-Pat, Recovering Journalist, United States Citizen

It’s 4th of July week! And what could be more American than sharing an immigrant’s journey to the United States? Simon Lomax is an Australian ex-pat, a recovering journalist, and, most importantly, a U.S. Citizen. In this week’s episode, we talk about his career as a journalist in Brisbane, Australia, what brought him to the United States, working as a reporter in the Deep South, and, notably, the process of becoming a fully naturalized U.S. citizen. Simon likes to tell me he frequently gives pep talks to Americans about being American, and this is a perfect way to celebrate our nation’s birthday. You can listen at the JoAT homepage, or, syndicated through iTunes and Stitcher.

Ep. 17: Kate Schulz – Registered Dietitian and Health Professional

Kate Schulz is a registered dietitian who has worked in health care, for a multitude of individual patients and in the public sector. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the podcast as we talk extensively about how a dietitian works with dialysis patients, as a professional who enhances overall wellness, and as an advocate for systemic change beneficial to the health of communities. We also share the secret to weight loss, why having lunch with other dietitians is no fun, and most importantly, why a dietitian is different from every Joe or Jane Q. Citizen who can call themselves a “nutritionist.”

Kate is self-employed and you can reach her at her email address: katestrattonschulz@gmail.com

Ep. 16: Jason Heller – Professional Freelance Journalist

This week’s guest is Jason Heller, who is a professional freelance journalist. Jason is a Senior Writer at the AV Club, a contributor to Pitchfork, a Hugo Award winner for his editing at Clarkesworld, book reviewer for NPR.org, and Denver punk. He joins Jon on this week’s episode, and the two proceed to have the longest conversation in the history of this show covering everything from Jason’s excellent Fear of a Punk Decade series on the AV Club, to how he won one of the most prestigious science fiction awards you can win, to Jason’s debut novel Taft 2012. The conversation literally has something for everyone, whether you’re into music, journalism, science fiction and fantasy, politics, civics, or just want to hear from a professional writer on how to make that career work.

You can find Jason at his author page on Amazon, or on Twitter.

Ep. 15: Brett Zahrte – Assistant Brewer at Renegade Brewing

Finally, a beer episode! It only took 15 to get there, but we’re finally here! This week our chat is with Brett Zahrte, assistant brewer at Renegade Brewing, who also happens to be one of my longest friends. In addition to having the honor of providing the venue for Jon’s first beer ever, Brett also provides insight into one of the coolest craft brewers in Denver. The episode includes lots of insight into how Renegade creates its “offensively delicious” slate of beers, also Brett’s history in the beer industry including a job that caused him to literally catch on fire every day. Wanna be a brewer? Thinking of starting your own? Just love beer? Then join up with your friends on the Beermuda Triangle and pour yourself a black saison for this week’s episode!

And don’t forget to check out Renegade’s 3rd Anniversary Block Party June 28 from 3-10 pm. Live music, food trucks, limited release brews, and $5 a beer! We unveil some of the beers that will be at the Block Party in this week’s show and talk about why you should come hang out with one of Denver’s coolest breweries.