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Deirdre Wildman

Ep. 46: Deirdre Wildman – Hospitalitarian

Deirdre Wildman is a hospitalitarian at Four Five One Events. She is “someone who supports, advocates and practices the hospitality doctrine through philanthropy, culinary arts and event sciences.” And on this week’s show, she not only gives us a peek [...]

February 4, 2015 Podcast
John Dicker Geeks Who Drink

Ep. 45: John Dicker – Geeks Who Drink Founder

John Dicker Geeks Who Drink founder and Quizmaster-in-Chief is the final guest of #GeekMonth here at the Jon of All Trades Podcast, dedicated to showcasing Geeks Who Drink on the road to Geek Bowl IX. John goes in-depth about his [...]

January 27, 2015 #GeekMonth, Podcast
geeks who drink editor

Ep. 44: Christopher Short – Geeks Who Drink Head Editor, Jeopardy Superchamp

Christopher Short is a six-time Jeopardy! champion, and the Chief Editor for Geeks Who Drink Pub Quizzes. Pretty much all of 22,000 or so questions asked at any of the 700+ quizzes Geeks Who Drink hosts all across the country [...]

January 20, 2015 #GeekMonth, Podcast
geeks who drink quiz master

Ep. 43: Quizmaster Johnny – Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz Host

Our road to Geek Bowl IX continues with trivia guru, party host, geek enthusiast, and all-around-great-guy, Quizmaster Johnny! I first played with Johnny almost five years ago, and he has been my favorite Geeks Who Drink quiz master ever since. [...]

January 13, 2015 #GeekMonth, Podcast
Slumpbusters Geeks Who Drink

Ep. 42: The Slumpbusters – Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz Juggernaut

Kicking off a four-part series spanning the month of January are the Slumpbusters Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz juggernauts. “Evil” Rob Knight McEwen, Russ Esposito, and Julio Trujillo are the primary members of the Slumpbusters, and they have been terrorizing [...]

January 6, 2015 #GeekMonth, Podcast
2014 Wrap-Up of Jon of All Trades

Special Ep. – 2014 Wrap-Up

In this very special edition 2014 Wrap-Up of Jon of All Trades, you get a very intimate session with Jon Eks. I talk about favorite thing about doing the podcast, my least favorite thing about it (and there is one [...]

January 1, 2015 Podcast
Jeff Bontrager, founder of Neckitecture, showing off one of his signature ties.

Ep. 41: Jeff Bontrager – Founder of Neckitecture

Jeff Bontrager is the founder and creative force behind Neckitecture, an online shop featuring one-of-a-kind, custom neckties. Jeff talks about why he created Neckitecture, the inspiration for the name, and why in the increasingly-casual working world, he has a passion [...]

December 16, 2014 Podcast

Ep. 40: Jarrod Perrott – Owner of FastFrame of LoDo

We’ve got the owner of FastFrame of LoDo Jarrod Perrott on this week’s show. Jarrod is a successful small businessman who bought this store in 2009 at the height of the recession and has turned it into a terrific success. [...]

December 9, 2014 Podcast

Ep. 39: Shari Shink – Child Advocate and Founder of The Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center

Shari Shink is a tireless advocate for abused and foster kids. After moving to Denver in the early 1980s, she founded The Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center,  whose mission is to “transform the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children [...]

December 2, 2014 Podcast
Jon of All Trades By the Numbers

Ep. 38: Alex Tooke and Derek Weber – Co-Founders of the Peak Properties Group, Boutique Denver Real Estate Agency

Alex Tooke and Derek Weber are the co-founders and co-owners of the Peak Properties Group, a Denver-based real estate agency. Buying and/or selling a house can be overwhelming proposition, and the Peak Properties Group’s team-based approach is designed to instill [...]

November 18, 2014 Podcast