Ep. 227: Risa Scott – Creative Entrepreneur, Nomad

The first time I ever saw Risa Scott, she was materializing seemingly out of thin air to blow away some ninjas in Jean Claude Van Damme’s Damn Van directed by my good friend, and constant artistic inspiration Brad Haag. So when Brad suggested I talk to Risa on this show, I jumped at the chance.

And this episode does not disappoint. Risa is currently traveling around the country in her custom built RV – which you can see her journey on Instagram – searching for good stories, chasing clients, and basically living her best life with her dog, Bread. She was goodly enough to sit down with me inside her RV outside a climbing gym in Denver on a beautiful, breezy day.

This is as easygoing, interesting and varied a chat I’ve had in some time. We discuss our shared feelings of emptiness in working for big companies, our social anxiety, the distinction between doing what you love for a living vs doing what you love to do for other people, why film sets are such a fun place to work, and a bunch of goofy stuff like how Justin Timberlake is like the wind, how Daniel Radcliffe might be the British Elijah Wood, and song mashups. This episode flies by, and I know you’re going to love it.

Risa has a ton of places you can keep up with her. Check out (and hire!) her photography business both on the website and Instagram. Find Risa’s personal Instagram page here, and her acting website here.

You can download this episode on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

First Job: Risa Scott

Risa Scott is an entrepreneur traveling the country in her custom built RV, and is currently focused on her photography business. She’s had a fascinating journey and we touch on everything from climbing gyms to her time on American Ninja Warrior to living that van life and much more. Her full episode drops Wednesday, October 2.

But first, she shares with me her work as a 9 year-old raking leaves in her neighborhood, and then sails past the purview of this series and gives me like 14 subsequent jobs she’s had as well. Enjoy!