Punk Rock

Ep. 251: Ben Roy – The Grawlix, Musician, Comedian

Ben Roy is a founding member of The Grawlix, lead singer of the band SPELLS, a standup comedian, and co-creator of the TruTV show Those Who Can’t. He’s also an incredible intense dude, a complete chatterbox, and one of the nicest people I’ve ever interviewed on this show. He’s a force of nature onstage, and…

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Ep. 242: Mailbag March 2020

The Mailbag returns to the podcast. I take your questions in a fun, lively, sort of unhinged half hour. Anytime I do a solo episode, I choose intentionally not to edit it. So, if you’ve ever been curious what it’s like inside my brain, here it is – circuitous thinking, lots of profanity, strange opinions,…

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