Ep. 141: Braden Dick – Co-Founder of Mile High 100, Founder of Global Meeting Technologies

Braden Dick is the co-founder of Mile High 100 (along with yours truly), the founder of Global Meeting Technologies, and one of my favorite people and best friends. His career has taken him all over the world, which means I only got to see him once in a blue moon, but he has recently re-located…

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Ep. 107: Scoop Siemsen – KBPI Morning Show Host and Producer

Scoop Siemsen is producer and co-host of Your Morning Show on 106.7 KBPI fm in Denver. He’s also an alumnus of Colorado State University, and former radio star at KCSU fm. And that’s how I met him. Radio is near and dear to my heart. I don’t know what it is about this medium, but…

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Ep. 64: Mike Santos – Radio Production Ninja

Mike Santos is a self-described “radio production ninja.” What exactly does that mean? It means Mike is responsible for so much of the content you hear on the radio each day. Here’s a bit of his resume… He’s served as Creative Services Director for Entercom here in Denver, which means he conceptualized, wrote, and produced…

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