First Job: Sydney Kjerstad

Sydney Kjerstad is the creator of Smart Game Piano, an online education platform that helps you learn your favorite video game songs on the piano in minutes. Her full episode drops on Wednesday, October 9.

But first, she shares with me her first job at the age of 15 teaching younger kids how to play the piano. Enjoy!

First Job: Risa Scott

Risa Scott is an entrepreneur traveling the country in her custom built RV, and is currently focused on her photography business. She’s had a fascinating journey and we touch on everything from climbing gyms to her time on American Ninja Warrior to living that van life and much more. Her full episode drops Wednesday, October 2.

But first, she shares with me her work as a 9 year-old raking leaves in her neighborhood, and then sails past the purview of this series and gives me like 14 subsequent jobs she’s had as well. Enjoy!

First Job: Kevin Batstone

Kevin Batstone (pictured left), is one of the creators of the Discussion Combustion Podcast, a new-ish podcast on the Denver scene. I sit down with them and talk all things podcasting this Wednesday, September 25.

But first, I ask Kevin about his first job and he tells me about his first gig bagging groceries, how he’s essentially never left the industry, and something that might surprise you about the grocery business. Enjoy!

First Job – Dustin Wendling

Dustin Wendling is an old friend of mine doing a complex and important job as an ex-pat living in Mexico City. Honestly, though, we don’t spend that much time talking about it on this week’s show airing Wednesday, August 28. We end up talking about big ideas because he’s one of the most fascinating people I know.

And this is but mere prelude to that great show. But listen as Dustin shares an insane story about being 6 years-old and swimming in gator-infested waters to retrieve golf balls that he and his brother then sold back to golfers on the weekend. Enjoy! I sure did.

First Job: Noah Mittman

Noah Mittman is the head honcho at Snowman Films, an award-winning video production company, and content marketing subscription service based in Golden, Colorado.  His full episode, in which he appears with his cohorts Evan Fries and Taylor Oxley, debuts Wednesday, August 21.

But first, Evan tells me about his first job screwing off at a garden center at the age of 14. It’s funny, profane, and I related to it a little too much. Enjoy!

First Job: Adam Johnston

Adam Johnston (second from left) is the CEO of Last Call Trivia, providing entertaining nights out for thousands of people all across the country. He’s the guest on Ep. 220 of the podcast debuting this Wednesday, July 24. (I say July 27 in my intro and outro here, but I’m clearly an idiot)

But first, Adam tells me about his first job as a singing waiter (!!!) at an Italian restaurant in Northern Kentucky. It’s quite the larf! Enjoy!

First Job: Erin Parisi

Erin Parisi is the founder of TranSending 7, and she’s the guest on Ep. 215 of the Jon of All Trades Podcast this Wednesday, June 12. She’s got a story to tell, and you definitely don’t want to miss this one.

But first, Erin shares with us the story of working at a car wash toweling off the cars that came down the automated belt and why that wasn’t such a bad gig. Enjoy!

First Job: Jason Bailey

Jason Bailey is the head brewer at Old 121 Brewhouse, and he, along with fellow co-founder Brett Zahrte, will be the guest on Ep. 214 of the Jon of All Trades Podcast debuting Wednesday, June 5. It’s a great chat you won’t want to miss.

But first, he shares with me his first job busing tables at Van’s Rib Shack in Shelby, NC at 13 years old, while providing a bucolic snapshot of life in the country… or at least an extremely real picture of what growing up there was like. Enjoy!

First Job: Ryzin

Rob Ryzin (now just going by the name Ryzin) is an independent professional wrestler who last year earned a tryout with the WWE. He was a guest on this show four years ago, and a lot has happened since then including the aforementioned tryout, a complete reinvention of his character, and a new book! You’ll hear all about that this Thursday, April 4.

But first, Rob shares with me his delightful first job as a mall Easter Bunny. On a personal note, when I was a kid, if the Easter Bunny posed like HBK, I would have been much more open to the experience. Enjoy!

First Job: Shalisa Pouw

Shalisa Pouw is someone I first met when I was 12, and I’m thrilled to reconnect with her now. The best place to keep up with her multitude of ventures on her Instagram account @Shalisa_P, but I’ll also call out her work with DiningOut Events and The Wedding Event. More about her multiple ventures this Wednesday, February 27 when Episode 209 drops.

But first, Shalisa tells us about her first job working at 13 years-old as a tap instructor for little kids. It’s a lovely wholesome tale that sets the stage for Shalisa’s impressive career in dance.