Ep. 225: Jason Price – Select Communications, Former EMT

Jason Price is one of the head honchos of Select Communications, a firm where tell them your technology needs and they’ll do all the heavy lifting. Their team of product engineers brings you quotes from the top carriers and provides you with behind-the-scenes product comparisons and information that you will not get from any direct provider. Essentially, they’re like a personal shopper, but for information technology.

He’s also a former EMT and first responder who has developed training curriculum for other first responders. He’s had a fascinating journey, and this episode is an incredibly fun hangout.

Jason and I hit it off immediately, which makes this episode fly by. We riff on all sorts of stuff including legal weed, poor, embattled IT professionals, hitting the ceiling in various lines of work and how you pivot, and a ton more. It’s an easygoing chat that covers an awful lot of real estate. I know you’ll enjoy it.

Check out Select Communications at their website.

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Ep. 168: Capt. Greg Pixley – Denver Fire Department

Captain Greg Pixley is the Public Information Officer and Chief Recruitment Officer for the Denver Fire Department. He’s also worked as a firefighter for the last 25+ years.

I’ve actually wanted to talk with a firefighter since before the inception of this show, but kept waiting for a connection to emerge. It wasn’t until I finally took a morning to cold call the Denver Fire Department that an opportunity materialized just like that.

Greg was incredibly gracious with his time, thoroughly candid when I asked him anything and everything I’ve ever wanted to know about the work of the fire department (including how to handle PTSD, whether or not he’s actually rescued a cat out of a tree, and the Safe Haven policy of accepting infants a parent no longer wants), and displayed a remarkable warmth throughout the interview. It’s an episode I’m immensely proud of, and an example of exactly what I want this show to be.

As a citizenry, we probably don’t think about the fire department until we really have to think about the fire department. So, let’s take an hour and learn about the work of these remarkable individuals during a non-crisis. I walked away from this interview with a remarkable appreciation for the work of Denver Fire, and I think you will, too.

Here’s a look at the fine crew working the morning of March 7 at Station 10. Thanks for letting us post up in your house for this interview!

You can follow Denver Fire on Twitter here.

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