Denver Music

Ep. 265: Kitty Vincent – Owner, Revolver Salon; Lead Guitarist, Zealot

Kitty Vincent was introduced to me by a mutual friend (Hi, Cecile!), and she’s the owner of Revolver: A Salon in Denver, and the lead ripping guitarist for Denver band Zealot. It’s always a thrill to meet parents of young children that aren’t dorky ciphers and who actually continue to engage in other pursuits beyond…

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Ep. 171: Chad Hadersbeck – Co-Frontman of Goodnight Freeman

Chad Hadersbeck is the Co-Frontman of Denver indie rock band Goodnight Freeman. He’s also someone I met in my professional life with whom I immediately hit it off because we’re both working side hustles while building successful careers. It’s strange the way the world will bring you together with folks you didn’t know you needed…

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Ep. 122: Mia Klosterman – Lead Singer of The Hits

Mia Klosterman is lead singer of the badass all-female Denver rock band The Hits. She’s also an actor, a graduate in theater and psychology from UNC, aspiring National Anthem singer at a Denver Broncos game, and an all-around ray of sunshine. And she’s bringing me back to my interviewing roots! I got my start interviewing…

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