Ep. 187: Eric Yochim – Two Rivers Coffee

Eric Yochim is the founder and head honcho of Two Rivers Coffee,¬†Arvada’s most highly recognized coffee shop for service and coffee excellence. He was referred to me by CJ Latham, guest on Episode 178 of the show, and with whom he collaborated on CJ’s Pre-Ride Cold Brew.

On this week’s show, Eric tells me the wild story of going from being a regular at his neighborhood coffee shop to owning it. It’s not often that opportunity presents itself so bluntly, but Eric decided to take the leap from his comfy job in fine dining to owning his own coffee company despite not knowing much about coffee.

And what he’s learned is fascinating as there are so many points that can influence a coffee bean ranging from how it’s grown to how it’s stored to how it’s transported to how it’s roasted to how it’s brewed. Eric gives me a good primer on all things coffee, and despite my caffeine aversion, is inching me toward wanting to drink more of it.

What’s also noteworthy in our chat is our notions about changing the world. And while it seems a simple cup of coffee isn’t changing the world in a material way, it’s interesting how this small, seemingly inconsequential thing has implications for his local community (providing a cool and worthwhile space for the neighborhood) and the global community (how buying practices have implications halfway around the world).

All in all, this is a fun, informative chat with a good dude doing terrific work.

You can check out Two Rivers Coffee on their website, and on Facebook.

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Ep. 178: CJ Latham – Founder of Bike A Latte

CJ Latham is the founder Bike A Latte. From their website: “Fueling athletes with the highest quality coffee the world has to offer. You take pride in your coffee. We exist to provide you with that high quality coffee experience any where your bike takes you. #CoffeePedalRepeat”

He’s also my friend from way back, a fellow graduate of Golden High School class of 2000, a great dude, and a Renaissance Man. On this week’s show, he tells me how he fused two of passions – cycling and craft coffee – into Pre-Ride Cold Brew, the flagship product of Bike A Latte. We spend quite a bit of time talking about going from idea to finished product, so if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a roadmap, here’s the story of one man’s journey into willing his dream into reality.

But this episode is also remarkable for how much ground we cover. We touch on subjects ranging from his previous entrepreneur gigs to the chemistry and biology of the way different sugars are processed by the stomach to why he’s not a wedding photographer to his deep dive into learning more about theology and philosophy to why cable packages are likely heading to an ala carte system. I felt like I could have talked with CJ all day, and maybe one day we can. But for now, enjoy this hour we spent together talking about an absolute bounty of subjects.

Check out Bike A Latte on their website, and on Facebook.

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