I am not as good at Bejeweled as my wife is.

No husband is. I’ve asked. Wives are universally better than their husbands at this game, and basically any other game on your smartphone. Stick a lady in front of Madden or Halo, she’s Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder. Give her your iPhone and some screen tapping game you paid a buck for, she turns into goddamn Seabiscuit. It’s mystifying. Continue reading Inevitability


I remember the most important election of our generation.

It’s every election of our generation. At least, that’s what they tell us. Every year they dial up the hyperbole and we’re forced to choose between, depending on who you listen to, an antichrist who will condemn this country to a fiery doom and spiral us irreparably toward economic Armageddon, and our guy, the hero. It’s the same every election. The other guy is always the asshole. Continue reading Magnitude


Hello. I’m Jon Eks. Check me out here.

This isn’t a real post. It’s a placeholder for November 5. That’s when I launch for real. So join me then. In the meantime, read that link. And follow me on Twitter @EksAxis.

There will be lots more to come. I’ll look forward to seeing you November 5.

And thanks for making me a part of your day.

– Jon