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  • First Job – Tyler Mintz

    Tyler Mintz, pictured far left, is the Managing Partner at Arcanum Sports Performance, and he, along with his wife Lindsey, are the guests on Ep.

  • First Job: Tiffany Couch

    Tiffany Couch is the producer of the Monkey Tooth Podcast, which recently interviewed ME (and you can find that right here). She was good enough

  • First Job: Andrew Couch

    Andrew Couch is the host of the Monkey Tooth Podcast, where he recently interviewed ME (you can find that right here). While I didn’t do

  • Dr. Clare Ennis, owner of Canyon View Animal Hospital, is the guest on Ep. 192 of the Jon of All Trades Podcast, debuting October 10, 2018.

    Ep. 192: Dr. Clare Ennis DVM, Owner of Canyon View Animal Hospital

    Dr. Clare Ennis, DVM, is a practicing veterinarian and the owner of Canyon View Animal Hospital, a small, locally-owned veterinary clinic serving Littleton and the

  • First Job: Dr. Clare Ennis

    Dr. Clare Ennis, a veterinarian and owner of Canyon View Animal Hospital, joins me on Wednesday, October 10 to talk all things veterinary medicine and



I stopped being such an insufferable music shitass in 2010. I fancied myself a music nerd in college, but aggressively hated 90% of all music for no good reason. That’s probably the worst thing about being a punk rock fan. Unless something falls within a very narrow aesthetic definition, you [...]

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I am not as good at Bejeweled as my wife is. No husband is. I’ve asked. Wives are universally better than their husbands at this game, and basically any other game on your smartphone. Stick a lady in front of Madden or Halo, she’s Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder. Give [...]

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I remember the most important election of our generation. It’s every election of our generation. At least, that’s what they tell us. Every year they dial up the hyperbole and we’re forced to choose between, depending on who you listen to, an antichrist who will condemn this country to a [...]

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Hello. I’m Jon Eks. Check me out here. This isn’t a real post. It’s a placeholder for November 5. That’s when I launch for real. So join me then. In the meantime, read that link. And follow me on Twitter @EksAxis. There will be lots more to come. I’ll look [...]

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