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Ep. 223: Noah, Evan and Taylor – Snowman Films

Evan Fries, Noah Mittman, and Taylor Oxley are Snowman Films and they're the guest on Ep. 223 of the Jon of All Trades Podcast debuting August 21, 2019.

Noah Mittman, Evan Fries, and Taylor Oxley are three creative professionals associated with Snowman Films and The Unfinished Degree Podcast.

Snowman Films is an award-winning video production company, and content marketing subscription service based in Golden, Colorado. We specialize in all forms of video production; small and growing business, commercial/advertisement, 360° VR video, promotional, weddings, events, and everything in between.

The Unfinished Degree is a podcast by Snowman Films based in Denver, CO. Hosts Evan Fries and Noah Mittman travel around and chat with fascinating, creatively-driven folks and professionals from the many scenes and industries that Colorado has to offer.

And this week’s show is an incredibly fun hangout where we talk movies, why two of them bailed on film school, the hustle of entrepreneurship, and a ton more. It’s a free-flowing, riff-happy, digression-filled breeze of an hour. You’ll love it. I sure did.

And a special episode note: At one point I reference the movie Boiler Room and then forget why. Re-listening to the episode, I remembered why. We’re talking about breakups and the point I wanted to make was that I remember when Abbie breaks up with Greg, she says, “I don’t know how else to say this, but… it’s over.” Greg responds, “Uh huh. I disagree.” This will make sense when you listen to the episode.

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