Ep. 214: Old 121 Brewhouse

Jason Bailey and Brett Zahrte are two of the founders of Old 121 Brewhouse in Lakewood, CO. Their doors have been open for just over two months, so they sat down with me to discuss what they’ve learned, what’s been most surprising, and what’s next.

Through my company, I helped them with their rollout and launch, so it’s been fun to reconnect with them after that initial publicity blitz. These guys are brewing outstanding beer, have connected deeply with their community, and preach about playing nice in the sandbox. It was an absolute privilege to work with them, and I know they’ll be a fixture in Lakewood for many years to come.

This is a fun hangout show as we talk about the stark and somewhat terrifying reality of your dream coming true, which kinds of beer nerds drive them crazy (an exceedingly small percentage of their clientele, admittedly), and a bunch of other stuff. It’s beer. You’ll love it. Crack one open and listen.

And then get thee down to Old 121 Brewhouse. You can find their website here, their Facebook page here, Instagram here, and Twitter here.

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