Ep. 212: Ryzin – Professional Wrestler

(Rob) Ryzin is an independent professional wrestler who I talked to on Episode 59 of this show. A lot has changed in the nearly four years since he appeared last, and we get into all of it here on this week’s show.

For starters, Ryzin earned himself an official WWE tryout, which, as he explains to me, is one of the most physically intense boot camps you could ever experience. Despite not getting signed by the WWE, his spirits never dampened, and Ryzin has completely reinvented his character and pursued new opportunities.

We talk about that reinvention, what he’s learned in the year since pursuing his dreams at the highest level, and where he goes from here. We also talk about the social media posts that led to his new book Helluva Confession that sees people anonymously submit their darkest stories to unburden their souls.

There’s a lot going on in this episode, and just in time for WrestleMania! You can order Ryzin’s book on Amazon here. And be sure to check him out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and at his Website Ryzin.tv.

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