Ep. 211: Michael Roberts – Denver Westword

Michael Roberts has been writing for the Denver Westword since 1990. He began as a Music Editor, but has written about pretty much everything ever since. He’s a dynamite (and incredibly prolific) reporter, but I’d argue one of his finest qualities is his long form interviews.

As an interviewer myself, I’m always fascinated by others who are good at this form. Check out this 7,000 word profile of Kathy Sabine. I’ve watched Kathy Sabine for about as long as I can remember, yet I learned so much from Michael’s long chat with her and couldn’t stop until I was done. Amazing insight to be found within including tidbits about her past, future, the state of the news business, and a ton more.

Or check out this one with Willie B. from KBPI. I started listening to Willie in high school and initially thought of him as a just another meathead radio jock. But read this interview, and I dare you not to be compelled by Willie’s incredible work ethic, his remarkable care for the community, and the way he’s helped one of Denver’s most iconic stations continue to stay vital.

So it was with great relish that I sat down with Michael and talked shop with him for nearly an hour. In this interview you’ll find great stuff about bricking an interview with Dinosaur, Jr., getting on Ben Harper’s good side, a missed opportunity with Billy Idol, and his experience with the iconic Dick Dale.

You can find Michael at the Westword here, and on Facebook here.

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