Ep. 218: Gin Walker – Copy Genie

Gin Walker is the Copy Genie, and since words are her business, I’ll cede the floor to her and let her tell you about her work in her own words:

I help superstars like you fire up your true audience and make the impact (and money) you crave.

Using my actor-brain, I write conversion copy that positions your brand as the guiding spotlight in your customer’s success story – speaking to their soul and easing them irresistibly into inspired action …

So they transform their world – and you make bank.

I hear your wish. And it is my command.

I had met Gin almost a year ago when I moderated a panel on which she appeared for the Seattle Fish Company. I found her to be a delight, and was thrilled when she reached out to me again recently pitching herself as a guest on my show. I love when people do this, and especially when they’re as charming and conversational as Gin.

On the show, we talk about her career journey that saw her more or less start as a copy editor for biology textbooks, journey to Boulder to work for a training company that in 17 years had never given a training, and finally find her calling as a copywriter. And yes, we make sure to talk about how copywriting actually works, her approach, and why selling isn’t inherently evil.

It’s a delightful chat as Gin is an absolute ray of sunshine and a total charmer. She’s a talented professional, and our chat is easy-going, fun, and informative. Also, it was her birthday the day we recorded it, which is a fun bonus.

Here are some links we mention in the episode that should be useful. Gin’s website can be found here. You can find her Instagram here. Facebook is here. LinkedIn is right here.

And, as mentioned in the episode, you can find more about The Copywriter Club (and their awesome podcast) right here. James Wedmore’s slightly “woo” and very awesome podcast for entrepreneurs is right here. And the Simon Sinek TED talk on “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it …” can be found here.

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First Job: Gin Walker

Gin Walker is the Copy Genie, and she writes words that sell big-hearted brands at scale, allowing them to make the impact (AND MONEY) they crave. Our full conversation airs on Wednesday, July 10, and it’s damn fun.

But first, Gin tells me about her first job slinging shoes at Freeman Hardy Willis in Kingston Upon Thames, just outside London. Good news for her, Freeman Hardy Willis no longer exists! Huzzah! Enjoy the mini-ep!

Ep. 217: Nick McQuik – Comedian, Entrepreneur

Dude, this show is one of the most fun shows I’ve done in a very long time! Nick McQuik reached out to me a week ago, and I didn’t know what to expect. Little did I know this guy has done what seems like EVERYTHING. Here’s a list of some of the things we talked about on the show:

  • The tiny town of Dawson City, Yukon he grew up in and why they had to bring a pocket knife and ammunition to school.
  • His degree in kinesiology, work as a personal trainer, and why the people he worked with drove him crazy and caused him to quit.
  • Working as a mechanic, getting promoted to journeyman, transitioning to heavy duty mechanic, and establishing his retirement fund early in life.
  • Working as a mechanic on the show Ice Road Truckers.
  • How he became a comedian, his approach to comedy, and why it’s his most passionate pursuit.
  • His thoughts on nutrition
  • The differences between America and Canada (and not in a hacky Yakov Smirnoff way).
  • Why he and his wife went to couples therapy even though there was nothing wrong in their relationship.
  • And why he works as hard as he does (which, when you listen to this, no matter your work ethic, you’ll feel lazy as hell).

In short, this is an action-packed hour of conversation that covers an insane breadth of topics. I loved this conversation, and I know you will, too.

Check out Nick’s company Nordic Media, his show Chew On This, and Nick on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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First Job: Nick McQuik

Nick McQuik is a comedian, podcaster, TV producer, on-air personality, former mechanic, and all-around fascinating dude. He sits down with me this Wednesday, June 26 for a full chat.

But before we get there, he tells me the most harrowing story I think I’ve ever had on First Jobs. Let Nick tell you about moving out of his house at 14, getting his own apartment and a job stocking shelves at the local grocery store. It’s a hell of a story. Enjoy!

Ep. 216: Kent Frazier – Leadership Coach, HR Executive, Fellow Dad

Kent Frazier is a seasoned and wise HR Executive, catalyst and steward of Conscious Capitalism, Ironman Finisher, musician, athlete, father, and transformational coach. Kent is also an advocate for ending stigma related to mental health in the workplace, sharing his experience with depression and anxiety on the Silent Superheroes podcast.

He’s also my buddy, as we met thanks to our adorable 4 year-old girls, who are besties in their class at school. I asked him to sit down with me since we’re both entrepreneurs, work in semi-related fields, have both struggled with depression, and have a lot of thoughts about the state of things as it relates to mental health.

This episode is a journey, man. Kent’s had a fascinating career path that has seen him undergo some significant personal change along the way. We cover a great deal of it in depth on this week’s show along with some philosophical musings about how we define ourselves, the state of society, and how we come to learn about ourselves in profound ways.

Kent would like to point you to his own website, where you can learn more about his work, Conscious Capitalism, the Silent Superheroes Podcast (where Kent was a guest), and This Is My Brave. Check out all those links because those folks are all doing great work.

This episode is available for download on iTunes, streaming on Stitcher, or at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

First Job: Kent Frazier

Kent Frazier is a seasoned and wise HR Executive, catalyst and steward of Conscious Capitalism, Ironman Finisher, musician, athlete, father, and transformational coach. You can find him at his website. He’s also the guest on Ep. 216 of the podcast, debuting June 19.

But first, Kent shares his first job delivering newspapers in Quakertown, PA. It’s a charming slice of Americana! Enjoy!

Ep. 215: Erin Parisi – Founder of TranSending

Erin Parisi is the Founder of TranSending, a 501c3 designated non-profit dedicated to the advancement of transgender rights throughout all aspects of society by promoting athletics as a platform of transgender awareness and inclusion. 

Their Inaugural Challenge of “The 7 Summits” takes on a goal never before accomplished: we are placing Erin Parisi, a transgender athlete, on the single highest summit on each of the seven continents.

She joins me on this episode of the podcast to talk about her process of coming out, what led to her to start TranSending, and her journey of climbing The 7 Summits. It’s an amazing episode filled with insights about her own journey of becoming her full self and stories from climbing these incredible mountains. I got a ton out of this episode, and I think you will too.

You can follow along with TranSending at their website, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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First Job: Erin Parisi

Erin Parisi is the founder of TranSending 7, and she’s the guest on Ep. 215 of the Jon of All Trades Podcast this Wednesday, June 12. She’s got a story to tell, and you definitely don’t want to miss this one.

But first, Erin shares with us the story of working at a car wash toweling off the cars that came down the automated belt and why that wasn’t such a bad gig. Enjoy!

Ep. 214: Old 121 Brewhouse

Jason Bailey and Brett Zahrte are two of the founders of Old 121 Brewhouse in Lakewood, CO. Their doors have been open for just over two months, so they sat down with me to discuss what they’ve learned, what’s been most surprising, and what’s next.

Through my company, I helped them with their rollout and launch, so it’s been fun to reconnect with them after that initial publicity blitz. These guys are brewing outstanding beer, have connected deeply with their community, and preach about playing nice in the sandbox. It was an absolute privilege to work with them, and I know they’ll be a fixture in Lakewood for many years to come.

This is a fun hangout show as we talk about the stark and somewhat terrifying reality of your dream coming true, which kinds of beer nerds drive them crazy (an exceedingly small percentage of their clientele, admittedly), and a bunch of other stuff. It’s beer. You’ll love it. Crack one open and listen.

And then get thee down to Old 121 Brewhouse. You can find their website here, their Facebook page here, Instagram here, and Twitter here.

You can download this show on iTunes, stream it on Stitcher, or listen at the Jon of All Trades homepage.

First Job: Jason Bailey

Jason Bailey is the head brewer at Old 121 Brewhouse, and he, along with fellow co-founder Brett Zahrte, will be the guest on Ep. 214 of the Jon of All Trades Podcast debuting Wednesday, June 5. It’s a great chat you won’t want to miss.

But first, he shares with me his first job busing tables at Van’s Rib Shack in Shelby, NC at 13 years old, while providing a bucolic snapshot of life in the country… or at least an extremely real picture of what growing up there was like. Enjoy!