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First Job: Shahara Jagrati Mattingly

Shahara Jagrati Mattingly is the Chief Excitement Officer at Delicious Awakening: Transformational Health Coaching, where she uses a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science to empower clients with strategies and mindful practices that will transform their health and confidence. [...]

July 29, 2019 First Jobs, Podcast

First Job: Adam Johnston

Adam Johnston (second from left) is the CEO of Last Call Trivia, providing entertaining nights out for thousands of people all across the country. He’s the guest on Ep. 220 of the podcast debuting this Wednesday, July 24. (I say [...]

July 22, 2019 First Jobs, Podcast

First Job: Emily Klipp

Emily Klipp is the Chief Operating Officer at McLernon & Co, a company attempting to #KeepSocialMediaSocial. What’s that mean? It means they “focus on building real, honest connections with people through innovative social media strategy.” She and Amanda McLernon are [...]

July 15, 2019 First Jobs, Podcast

First Job: Gin Walker

Gin Walker is the Copy Genie, and she writes words that sell big-hearted brands at scale, allowing them to make the impact (AND MONEY) they crave. Our full conversation airs on Wednesday, July 10, and it’s damn fun. But first, Gin tells [...]

July 8, 2019 First Jobs, Podcast

First Job: Nick McQuik

Nick McQuik is a comedian, podcaster, TV producer, on-air personality, former mechanic, and all-around fascinating dude. He sits down with me this Wednesday, June 26 for a full chat. But before we get there, he tells me the most harrowing [...]

June 24, 2019 First Jobs, Podcast

First Job: Kent Frazier

Kent Frazier is a seasoned and wise HR Executive, catalyst and steward of Conscious Capitalism, Ironman Finisher, musician, athlete, father, and transformational coach. You can find him at his website. He’s also the guest on Ep. 216 of the podcast, [...]

June 17, 2019 First Jobs, Podcast

First Job: Erin Parisi

Erin Parisi is the founder of TranSending 7, and she’s the guest on Ep. 215 of the Jon of All Trades Podcast this Wednesday, June 12. She’s got a story to tell, and you definitely don’t want to miss this [...]

June 10, 2019 First Jobs, Podcast

First Job: Jason Bailey

Jason Bailey is the head brewer at Old 121 Brewhouse, and he, along with fellow co-founder Brett Zahrte, will be the guest on Ep. 214 of the Jon of All Trades Podcast debuting Wednesday, June 5. It’s a great chat [...]

June 3, 2019 First Jobs, Podcast

First Job: Ryzin

Rob Ryzin (now just going by the name Ryzin) is an independent professional wrestler who last year earned a tryout with the WWE. He was a guest on this show four years ago, and a lot has happened since then [...]

April 2, 2019 First Jobs, Podcast

First Job: Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts has been a reporter for the Westword for nearly 29 years. He’s a journalist I admire greatly, and he is the new speed record holder for responding to me. His full episode goes live Wednesday, March 27. But [...]

March 25, 2019 First Jobs, Podcast