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Denver Post

I didn’t know this would happen, per se, but this is always how things unfold. I announce that I’m going on hiatus, and cool shit starts to happen. I get introduced to new potential guests, people from my life I [...]

April 24, 2015 Blog, News

Heritage Square

Another piece of my childhood is evaporating. As has been lamented all over my Facebook feed for the last couple of weeks, it has been announced that Heritage Square will close at the end of the 2015 season. Having grown [...]

February 17, 2015 Blog, Tribute
Ernie Banks Tribute


I should not be the one to write an Ernie Banks tribute. It should be my dad. Ernie Banks was my dad’s hero, and when I mourn Ernie Banks, I’m actually mourning a part of my dad. But since this [...]

January 29, 2015 Blog, Tribute


A couple of years ago, my friend Jason and I got good and drunk and saw the movie Escape Plan. If you don’t remember it – and why would you? – the movie features Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger trying [...]

January 22, 2015 Blog, Rants, Sports
Stuart Scott


As everyone’s certainly heard by now, Stuart Scott, most famous as a newscaster on ESPN’s Sportscenter, died on Sunday after a long battle with cancer. Of the many tributes, obituaries, and stories about Scott, my two favorites came from his [...]

January 6, 2015 Blog, Tribute
Jon of All Trades by the numbers

Jon of All Trades By the Numbers

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the year-end wrap-up of the Jon of All Trades Podcast. I’m your host, Jon Eks. Thank you for joining us, glad to have you back once again. On March 19th of this year, I debuted the [...]

December 23, 2014 Blog, News

Eaten Alive

I’ve been reading about last night’s Discovery Channel freakshow “Eaten Alive” (my favorite take is here, by the amazing and hilarious Sean O’Neal) where some asshole masquerading as a conservationist tries to get eaten alive by an anaconda. The mere [...]

December 8, 2014 Blog, Film and Television, Rants


I know it’s wrong to use profanity around children, but fuuuuuuck, sometimes the situation just calls for it, right? As of tomorrow Kristin and I can officially celebrate keeping this baby alive for a whole month. Hooray! As I Monday [...]

November 26, 2014 Blog, Parenthood


As I was doing my usual slack assing at work this morning, I read the AV Club’s weekly football column, and while writing about the Raiders, columnist John Teti offered these thoughts: “There’s a good chance that Oakland will go [...]

November 14, 2014 Blog, Rants, Sports

Halloween II

What a difference a year makes. Christ, look at where I was last year. Just for fun, here are some of the pertinent pull quotes from that article: “There’s nothing quite like Halloween to bum you out about infertility.” “…my [...]

November 1, 2014 Blog, Parenthood