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Holland Darcy, former start of MTV's Road Rules and The Challenge is the guest Ep 101 of the Jon of All Trades Podcast, debuting July 13, 2016.

Reflections on Five Years

This week the Jon of All Trades Podcast celebrates five years of being on the air and more than 200 guests. I realize as I write this, that’s longer than I’ve done any one thing professionally. My longest actual job [...]

March 19, 2019 Blog, News

Post-Youth Music (and Post Malone)

As I drove my daughters to school this morning, I had SiriusXM’s 90s on 9 station playing. “Comedown” by Bush came on, and Grace (my 4 year-old) asked me what the song was called. She does this all the time, [...]

February 15, 2019 Blog, Music
Jon of All Trades ranks the Muppet Babies characters from Animal to Fozzie. December 18, 2018.

Muppet Babies Characters, Ranked

Almost three years ago, I, a parent of young children, took it upon myself to provide you, presumably since you’re reading this, also the parent of young children, the service of ranking all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters. You’re welcome. [...]

December 19, 2018 Blog, Film and Television, Parenthood


It’s time for the annual check-up into my life, and this year told through the prism of three bands. Here we go… *** Before our kids were in full-time day care, we spent a lot of time with them. I [...]

August 28, 2018 Blog, Music

Anthony Bourdain

I awoke this morning at 5:30 despite my best intentions, rolled over and looked at my phone. I opened Facebook and my friend Justin Finesilver had posted an article from with this headline: “CNN’s Anthony Bourdain dead at 61.” I [...]

June 8, 2018 Blog, Tribute

Warren Miller

“If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.” I don’t really ski anymore. I haven’t skied in probably more than seven years. The fact that I had to spend about 10 minutes considering [...]

January 26, 2018 Blog, Tribute

Blog: Back in the (office) saddle, and I launch a new series

People often ask me, “What’s your ultimate goal for Deft Communications?” which I suppose is an honest enough question, but never fails to make me laugh both because of how boring and seemingly unambitious my answer is. Here’s my honest [...]

November 29, 2017 Blog, Inside My Head, News


It’s me, delivering psychosis Over the phone to you I’ve colored your world blue Ten thousand miles from you I’m sinking all alone Treading new waters Where is my buoy? “Sleep” by Lagwagon I’m not entirely sure Kristin and I [...]

August 28, 2017 Blog, Music

Happy Friday: Ducks Fly Together

And we’re back! You know we couldn’t do a week’s worth of blogs without returning to the well of Happy Friday. It’s been officially 5 years and 8 days since we’ve written one of these things, so for those of [...]

March 30, 2017 Blog, Goofiness

Nostalgic Pointlessness

some…BODY once told me… As someone who founded a website that featured pop culture criticism and analysis virtually every day, it pains me to write this: So much of pop culture writing is pointless. Whether this is by accident, or [...]

March 30, 2017 Blog, Film and Television, Music